Julie Howell - Vegas Organized Life

Throughout my life I have always loved to organize. When I was young, I found myself organizing the kitchen pantry, spices in the cabinet, and even decluttering my mom’s desk every few months. It brings me so much excitement and joy to organize a space! Not only is it a passion of mine to declutter and organize, but the end result equates to a LIFE which is full of calm, peace and joy! Welcome to Vegas Organized Life.

Picture a space, room, drawer or something in your home that is already well organized. It can be anything – even something as simple as a sock drawer that is easy to find a specific pair of socks, or a file that is easy to locate in a home office when you need to find it quickly without stressing trying to locate it. Now think how much of a calming and peaceful feeling that elicits within you. Vegas Organized Life is dedicated to helping clients achieve these same feelings of calm, peace, and joy that an organized space can bring.

Vegas Organized Life will tailor your organizational goals and what functions best for your lifestyle. Vegas Organized Life is a judgment-free zone! My top priority is to earn your trust and happiness with the end result. You will always have the utmost confidentiality from me as I am bound by the NAPO code of ethics.

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